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6.1. Boards and categories

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6.1. Boards and categories

Board list

The board index shows all viewable boards and categories. Below the board list there is the option to mark all boards as read with a single click.


A board is a place where different topics (called threads) can be discussed. In front of the boardname you will find an icon that displays the status of a board. Behind the boardname the number in brackets shows how many threads are unread. A doubleclick on the icon marks all threads as read within this board. Additional information can be displayed - such as a description of the board, subboards, moderators or the users that are currently browsing this board.

  • Regular board

    This symbolises a regular board with no new posts.

  • Board with new posts

    The board contains new, unread posts. A doubleclick on that icon marks all threads as read within this board.

  • Closed board (Archive)

    This board is readonly.


Categories can contain different boards to group them by topic. They are highlighted with an own background color and can be opened or closed. Closed categories may also have a number in brackets that tells if there are unread posts within the whole category. No threads can be opened directly in a category.

External link

Within the board index there may be some links to external pages.

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